York Painting – The Quagmire Strikes Back

Looking a swampy mess now – most of it is screaming out for some form and the lack of detail everywhere is driving me nuts.  Having hit the stage where I hate the painting, every detail will now be vital to sustaining my sanity, whether it’s making the walled steps look less like Cirith Ungol or turning a globulus splurge into some bricks and a fine cocktail.

I’ve taken some close-ups of particular features and will do so again once they’re finished for a before-and-after comparison, but mainly so I can stop crying over how terrible it’s all looking at the moment.  I’m sure painting the Minster will present a massive challenge and possibly also a migraine and some swearing, but I’m looking forward to detailing all the little walls around the pictures.  That will be the last thing, though, and we are many light years away from final details.  May The Force be with me.





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