About Melissa

I was born in 1972 and have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil.  My early works included ‘stick person next to architecturally-dubious house’ and ‘random collection of floating things with four legs’, but these masterpieces have tragically, though perhaps mercifully, been lost in the mists of time.  Hopefully, my persistence over the years has led to some improvement.

I love all genres of art but struggle with very modern concepts.  I try to keep an open mind, both when looking at art and when attempting something new, and occasionally explore different styles and approaches to artwork in the hope I find something I’m really good at.

I am self-taught and used inks, charcoals and watercolour for many years but always wanted to try something bolder.  In 2011, I had my first attempt at oils, then acrylics, and never looked back.

I live in the West Country with my partner and daughter (and two slightly weird cats) until I have amassed sufficient funds to enable me to buy enough warm clothes to retire to Yorkshire.


I am happy to take on commissions and will consider all requests, although I don’t do portraits.  Please contact me if you would like a picture or painting done for you (they make great presents..!) and the date by which it needs to be completed.

It would be helpful if you can provide any specifics, for example:

  • Size;
  • Portrait or landscape;
  • Media (watercolour, acrylic, ink, crayon etc)
  • Standard colour or monochrome (black and white or one themed colour);
  • Deadline;
  • Whether you want it framed as part of the finished product. (Note – if you would like your picture framed, please specify style and colour of frame and mount if you have a preference, and remember that the cost of framing will be included in the price.)

Alternatively, if you would like a picture but aren’t exactly sure how you want it to look, I’m happy to offer some suggestions.

If I am taking on your commission, I will advise you of the cost beforehand and any relevant advice on caring for your picture.