York Painting – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Good technique

Lots of changes, some obvious, others less so.  Still concentrating on one picture element at a time with the rest of the painting covered up, so I rarely see the whole thing in its entirity (also a good thing).  Currently, I am bringing each section into focus by building up form and detail.  Once all thirty-eight elements (including stone surrounds and title) have been sharpened, the final detail can go on.

Bad mood

Thomas Herbert’s House is now my fourth (and hopefully final) attempt, having white-washed it out completely a couple of weeks ago and starting again.  I maintained composure with deep breathing whilst clenching my teeth and trying hard not to scream, which probably looked like I was attempting to pass a kidney stone through my eye but it got the job done, only to then repeat that trauma with both pub signs.  Joyous.

Ugly bits

Plenty of these to sort out, not least of which is The Shambles and that stupid window which I have now attempted six times and it’s still wrong.  Lots of things on the painting look terrible and if I stare at the whole thing for more than a few seconds, I can feel the twitching and gibbering coming on, which is why keeping it covered up works best.  And also it’ll be a nice surprise for me when I’ve finished it and can actually see what it looks like..!

2 thoughts on “York Painting – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. It looks really great! There are bound to be ugly bits while you are working on it but it will all come together eventually. Keep it up!

  2. I don’t know York very well but love your depiction of what you know about York, l used to think it was a Roman settlement until the third time I went but the Alice Roberts prog was enlightening. Glad you didn’t include the massive Viking poo found near Copper Gate. hope to see the painting soon.

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