York Painting – Reloaded

Spot the difference…  Yes, changed it again.  Moved the rose – didn’t want it obscuring the Minster even though it would be an advantage to have to paint less of that magnificent building!  The House of the Trembling Madness will now be under Clifford’s Tower and I’m thinking of putting the interior of Lendal Cellar below its sign.  The Chocolate Heaven sign has been replaced with the Kings Arms – probably the most flooded pub in the world (worth checking out when you go to York) and some Viking art taken from the excellent pub, The Hop (in Fossgate) will replace the Evil Eye lamps.

I am also replacing the Viking helmet with the York coat of arms as I can’t bear the thought of repeatedly explaining to people that, contrary to popular belief, Viking helmets did not have horns on them despite Captain Blackadder’s hilarious comment about Olaf the Hairy.

And yes, Thomas Herbert’s house really is warped.

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