Painting Challenge – Boats

‘Sharicmar’ at Polperro

This is the boat (top one) used in the film ‘Saving Grace’ which I absolutely love. I was massively excited to see the boat just sitting in the harbour when we went to Polperro a couple of years ago and took lots of photos like a big touristy film-nerd. The art club which I recently joined runs a painting challenge each month so this is my first ever entry and first attempt at painting boats. (Actually, not entirely true; when I went for my interview at art college in 1988, we had to paint or draw a still-life of boats and windsurf boards. It was ghastly. I produced half a drawing which looked like my cat had done it and which the tutor (justifiably) regarded with incredulity. Despite hating everything in my portfolio, they offered me a place and then spent the following 15 months entirely failing to teach me a single thing about painting and drawing and I left before completing my course, with my oil paints and watercolours unopened. Still, good that I’ve moved on…)

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