It’s been a while…

…since I put something in News but I have been busy doing paintings and reading loads of books and doing boring stuff like working fulltime, how ghastly. I am doing monthly challenges set by my local art group and also by my daughter; some of these are now on the website so check out the Acrylics section and Misc Media.

I’ve also been creating some cartoons based on my cats who are delightful and revolting in equal measure; these are currently on Instagram (mellyhendy_art) along with a bunch of Mice In Socks cartoons and pictures to mark special days throughout the year. At some point, these will all be put up on the website but in the meantime, please follow me on Instagram and tell me what you like.

Now that we are crawling out of Lockdown and the world tries to readjust to some sort of normality, I am excited that our art group is again planning to resume the monthly meetings and demos from June and reintroduce the workshops. If I produce any masterpieces as a result of these, I will stick these on here as well.

Please have a look through the sections on my website for all the latest posts, follow me on Instagram and use the contact form to provide any feedback or to commission work.

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