Fan-art, Flamenco, Felines and Fairy-tales

Been very busy working on lots of projects which I’ve been posting on Instagram (@mellyhendy_art) but have finally now updated this website.

Two more lyrics paintings have been completed – check out the Acrylics section to see the latest ones. I am considering an idea for the next one but it will be a challenge so might be a while before it appears.

A couple more months have passed since I last updated this and I am still doing the monthly painting challenges set by my local art group. The theme for April was ‘Fairy-tale Creatures’ (see Watercolours) and May was ‘At Home’ where I could have painted a lovely abstract of coronavirus but did my cats instead (see Miscellaneous Media). Although my art group is not meeting because of lockdown, we are still posting online.

I am also going through a spontaneous phase of painting figures (see Acrylics) and have a couple more lined up to do, one of which is definitely not of someone dancing so watch this space.


I am currently having some images made into cards as a trial run, but it makes sense to have prints of my work available. Providing all goes well with this initial veture, I will be selecting paintings to be made up into prints and will put up a post about these when they are available, along with price guides.

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