Come With Me Now

Coz I’m on a mission to get stuff finished. And started. But mainly finished. I think there are currently fifteen paintings on my list to do and that doesn’t include a growing list of illustrations for a story entirely written as poetry which I’ve been working on (on and off) since I was sixteen, so it’s only taken me 573 years to not finish it. Certainly feels like it.

There are so many projects I want to work on and I keep getting distracted by things like ad hoc art challenges, acrylic flow ideas, and these guys (check out the Acrylics section for more info).


I need to update a lot of the stuff on here with some prices but can now offer prints of anything on here. I am still sourcing good printers as I obviously want anything I sell to be the highest possible quality, but if you’re interested in buying prints of anything on my website, please specify size and if you want a white border around the image (worth considering if you’re framing it).

All useful feedback is welcome so please use the contact form to let me know if there is anything you’re interested in seeing on this website or for any purchases or commissions.

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