A moving tale…

So I moved house recently and that made it a bit difficult to paint anything, mainly because I’d packed all my art stuff. Oh, and the added inconvenience of basically everything involved in moving house including those weird periods of confusing limbo where nothing happens, fraught periods where everything happens, all with a fairly unhealthy dose of extreme frustration mixed in. But hey – it’s all good and the paints are back out.

I am taking up the monthly art group challenges again; last month I painted a squash so if you like that sort of thing, you’ll really like what’s in the watercolour and misc media sections of this website..!

I’m hoping to do something with my acrylic inks for the November challenge so there maybe a new post on its way under Acrylics at some point.

I’m also painting a mural in my art room; there will be some progress pictures as this develops but it’s going to take several months especially as I still have a day-job to do, but it’s great to have a large-scale piece to dip into now and then. New posts to follow soon and don’t forget to check out my Instagram account, mellyhendy_art. DM me or use the contact form on my website if you want to comment, question or commission me!

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