St Mary’s Abbey

Watercolour study. Detail of St Mary’s Abbey, York. The city of York has so many interesting sites to visit whatever you’re interested in, and you’ll probably discover a whole bunch of stuff you didn’t realise you WERE interested in until you get there! The ruins are in the York Museum Gardens and I have visited these beautiful grounds when they have been covered in snow, flood water, autumn leaves and blazing sunshine. Just stunning. I recommend a visit. Afterwards, take a boat trip down the Ouse and learn some amazing facts about the city, then tour this fabulous place on foot, checking out historical landmarks such as Clifford’s Tower and Lady Peckett’s Yard, (coz I probably haven’t mentioned that place enough!)

If that all sounds a bit too energetic, just take a tour of my website instead, which you can do sitting down and still see some lovely images of York as well as lots of other subjects.

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