Sleeping Beasties

I could have called it ‘Sleeping Beauties’ but one letter makes all the difference..!

Pencil crayon on pastel paper. I don’t like using pastels, they are messy and make my teeth stand on end, but I love the texture of good quality pastel paper and it’s fine for using with pencil crayon. This was done for the May 2020 art group challenge on the theme of ‘At Home’ – and that was decided WAY before Coronavirus imprisoned everyone! I did think about doing an underwhelming still-life of things in my home but no-one wants to look at a TV remote propped up next to a bottle of Mezcal and some strategically-placed books which show what massively eclectic taste I have, let alone a portrait of everyone slouched on the sofa staring at their phones.

I wondered what really summed up the them of ‘home’ and for me there are a million things. Apart from my family and my possessions, I liked the idea of doing a hermit crab, or maybe a garden spider in its web, but my cats were an obvious choice in the end. So here they are – Asmodeus and Morcella, blissfully snoozing and doing a fine job of pretending that they don’t spend most of their time beating each other up (mainly Asmodeus beating up his sister) and slaughtering a significant proportion of the local wildlife. Just adorable.

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