Girl Talk

Acrylic on canvas. What ARE they talking about?! I love this picture and love these two amazing women even more! I caught this moment on camera of my daughter and my mum on holiday about sixteen years ago when my daughter was two. People are definitely not my go-to subject where it comes to painting but I have been trying to do more lately, and my daughter set me monthly painting challenges this year – this was on the subject ‘Emotions’. It took a long time to decide what to do for that. Originally I was going to do some abstract thing – possibly with acrylic flow and other tecniques – to depict ‘Joy’ but it just felt too pretentious! This photo evokes a lot of emotions for me – happiness, love, and especially pride. Pleased that I did a reasonable job of capturing everything I wanted to about this photo. I could not be more proud of them for everything they have achieved, dealt with and stood for. Thanks, both, for being so strong and inspiring!

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