Acrylic on A3 acrylic paper. Fourth in my series of lyric paintings, this time for yet another gorgeous song by Kongos. For anyone interested, here’s the nerdy stuff: apart from the obvious references in the picture (there’s a requirement there for you to listen to the lyrics if you have no idea what this picture is about), I am well aware this song is on Lunatic, however the bubble image (from the 1929 Pt 1 cover) represents that beautiful moment in the song just before the chorus where the melody creates a feeling (for me, anyway) of weightlessness, like floating. I like the idea of floating away in a bubble to escape everything when it kicks off, so that’s why I used it.

Where the Hollywood sign lies broken, I used the W, H and Y because he’s asking “Why…” in the chorus. And there you have it.

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