Acrylic Pour 1

Ok, let’s have some fun. I’m not a massive fan of abstract art generally but I’m coming round to it the more I see. I appreciate how beautiful some abstract art looks and that it means different things to different people, however, I still struggle with a lot of it and think it can sometimes take itself too seriously. And when I say ‘it’, I mean the creators. I will shortly be putting up a post in News about my experience with acrylic flow so far but I am also posting the individual results here for you to enjoy (or not.)

Abstract art pieces often have some daft, pompous title and I just can’t be that pretentious. I’m happy if people see something specific in the pieces I’ve created, (they’re only small canvasses – they’re not that impressive!) and I’m also happy with its title. But let’s have some fun and make up our own. So this is now called ‘The Sound of the Storm’. Please feel free to submit your own!

One thought on “Acrylic Pour 1

  1. Reminds me of agate, a semi precious stone. Like the title as It does look like a hurricane in the making.

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