Acrylic Flow – Funnel Pour

When I first started working with acrylics, I read that you will get through more white than any other colour. ‘Surely not!’ I thought in my completely inexperienced ignorance. Having got through enough white paint in the last few years to cover the Moon, I recently splashed out on five tubes to top up my ailing collection of whites and having got through all of them in a matter of weeks, my working area is annoyingly lined with tubes of white paint standing upside-down or at silly angles to ensure the last drops do not go to waste.

This has hugely increased since experimenting with acrylic flow tecniques and I am finding ways of making this as un-wasteful as possible as I detest wasting paint and it’s very bad for the environment.

While I am currently waiting for my next delivery of white paint (another five tubes of reasonably-priced and one tube of quality paint, absolutely not for acrylic flow!), I have had a go at this tecnique using a funnel to pour the acrylic into a wet base and then using a straw to create lovely shapes and effects. These fabulous neon acrylics are ideal for this type of thing and although this first attempt didn’t quite go according to plan, I can tweak my method for next time. It’s a lot of fun!

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