A View Towards the Hills

Acrylic on stretched canvas. This was painted for the monthly art group challenge on the title theme and this is my first full painting done with a palette knife (except for the grasses and flowers in the foreground.) I thought I’d try something different and have only ever used a palette knife once before with no idea of what I was doing.

I still had no idea what I was doing this time, either, but I persevered and found it was actually quite fun squidging the paint around on the canvas. It was interesting how you can move the paint around and create different shades and effects and I especially like the fact you can scrape it off if it goes wrong! I loved finding ways to create form and texture and had no idea it could be so versatile. Definitely need more practice but I learned so much as I progressed through this painting and began to develop some tecniques and an understanding of how to use the palette knife. Have a go if you’ve never tried – it’s surprising what you can create!

Incidentally, this view doesn’t actually exist – it is a montage of two views of Yorkshire; the top section is a view of the Dales and the foreground is from a road through part of the North York Moors.

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